Bringing compassionate home care services to individuals across Indiana

About Us

We’re intentionally different. We set the benchmark for excellent home care by balancing our friendly nature, person-centered approach, and discreet services with our love of helping you maintain your independence. It’s all about keeping you at home without compromising on the physical, emotional, and social support you deserve.

You’re In Great Hands.

In short, we believe that it’s not enough for our employees to just be well-trained, experienced, and rigorously background vetted. That’s why we hire the type of caregivers who want to make a difference; want to leave lasting impressions; want to make your next chapter, your best chapter. It’s something we’ll never compromise on – and neither should you.

We’re On Your Team.

It’s simple – we see the person, not the patient. By meeting you where you’re at, listening to your challenges, and hearing from the people who know you best, we’ll ensure no need gets left behind.



Our at-home personal care services are designed to help you look as good as you feel, while keeping health risks at bay. Discreet, private, and judgment-free – as it should be.


We’re more than a companion, taking responsibility for stimulating your mind, charging your social battery, and being there when it counts.


From a simple dust and shine to support keeping on top of in-home hazards, we’re the hands behind a better, cleaner, safer living environment.


As a respite care, we understand what your loved ones are going through. Our role is to lift the weight from their shoulders, allowing them to return fully rejuvenated.

How Can We Help?

It’s a big question – but one we leave down to you. We believe that you know what you need best, and we don’t want to overstep that, giving you the opportunity to take control of your care.


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